ruby 1.8.1 is out

Latest stable release ruby 1.8.1 is finally announced: This is mainly a bug fix release.

Mirroring volunteers are welcome. The Md5 check sum is

5d52c7d0e6a6eb6e3bc68d77e794898e ruby-1.8.1.tar.gz

Thank you matz and all committers. Happy Hacking Holidays.

O’Reilly ONLamp Ruby article

Mike Stok has written an excellent recap of the 3rd International Ruby Conference, featured on the front page of O’Reilly’s ONLamp site, entitled “Ruby’s Present and Future”.

For additional post-conference information, see Jim Weirich’s site or Ryan Davis’s Archive of the RubyConf presentations.

New Ruby Change Request (RCR) process

In [ruby-talk:88503], David Alan Black announced the launch of the new official process for RCRs. The new process is the result of matz’s desire to further formalize the process, as expressed in his RubyConf 2003 presentation.

The new site for Ruby Change Requests is

Many thanks to Dave Thomas, who facilitated the creation of the RCR process 3 years ago.

ruby 1.8.1 preview3

Ruby 1.8.1 preview3 is out. Go get ruby 1.8.1 preview3 || rubyforge mirror.

Ruby Standard Library Documentation

” Documentation for the Ruby 1.8 standard library”: is available. This is the HTML from the RDoc comments resulting from Gavin Sinclair’s stdlib-doc project.

ruby 1.8.1 preview2

Today, Matz announced the availability of ruby 1.8.1 preview1 and, subsequently, ruby 1.8.1 preview2 || rubyforge mirror As always, we encourage Rubyists to download this preview release and put it through its paces. Your testing, bug reports, and patches will lead to a stable ruby 1.8.1.

Ruby Conference 2003

Ruby Conference 2003 will soon be held in November 14-16, 2003, on Austin, Texas U.S.A.

The registration is open. Sign in! Full registration will be open until Sunday, October 26.

See also [ruby-talk:83169], and [ruby-talk:84427].

ruby-1.8.0 released!

Long time no minor version-up…

Here is an initial official release of a stable version ruby 1.8.

The download site will lead you to the source code ruby-1.8.0.tar.gz. Its MD5SUM is:


Binaries are going to be there.

Some features are changed from previous stable version ruby 1.6.x; See

Thank you matz, and all committers, for all your trouble!

Happy Birthday, Ruby

(dblack posted an article ‘Happy Birthday, Ruby, and an announcement….’ [ruby-talk:65632]. Following is excerpted from the article.)

Today, February 24, 2003, is Ruby’s 10th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ruby! And congratz to Matz!

dblack also annouces the new non-profit organization Ruby Central, Inc and RubyConf 2003!. See [ruby-talk:65632].

First Europeen Ruby Conference

(MNeumann announced the first European Ruby Conference at [ruby-talk:65418]. Following is excerpted from the post.)

The first European Ruby Conference will be held from Saturday 21th to Sunday 22th June at the University of Karslruhe in Germany.

Everyone instested in Ruby is welcome!

(For more detail about the entrance fee, calling for speakers, mailing-lists, and so on, see [ruby-talk:65418])

RAA.succ!.version #=> 2.3.0

RAA - Ruby Application Archive - has been updated. (see [ruby-talk:63170]) Changes:
  • Change URL: -> Access to old URLs should be redirected.
  • Add the page to show projects sort by chronologically.
  • Introduce “What’s updated” table at the top page.
  • Add shortcut search box at top right of each page.
  • Combine some sub-categories. [ruby-talk:62840]

Ruby In 2002: Contents Wanted

Here on the Ruby Garden Wiki comes a page to compile Ruby’s year 2002 and plans on 2003. The deadline is January 9. RubyIn2002 This page supports a following plan: “The Year in Scripting Languages(Lua/Perl/Python/Ruby/Tcl)”. The aim of that is to encourage these scripting language communities to collaborate with each other; its first step is to know neighbors, which will lead us to be able to share our efforts on scriptings. The chair person is Mitchell N. Charity. see also: [ruby-talk:60604], [ruby-talk:60731] Final result can be seen at