Ruby 1.8.2 released!

Matz announced that ruby 1.8.2 was released (ruby-talk:124413 and ruby-talk:124434).

This is mainly a bug fix release. You can download it at:


md5sum is 8ffc79d96f336b80f2690a17601dea9b

Merry Christmas!

Chinese translation of

Chinese translation of is available now. Thanks, KOBAYASHI Toshihito.

1.8.2 preview4 released

Matz announced that ruby 1.8.2 preview4 was released (ruby-core:04000).

md5sum is 2f53d4dc4b24e37799143645772aabd0.

You can download it at:

Pragmatic Bookshelf planning a series of Ruby books

“Programming Ruby” author Dave Thomas of the Pragmatic Programmers announced plans for a series of Ruby books from the Pragmatic Bookshelf (the Pragmatic Programmers’ own imprint). “The intent is to create a series of books with a deeply practical focus. We won’t just document APIs. Instead, we want to show how to get value from those APIs—-how to solve real-world problems.”

See the full announcement for more information, including follow-up guidelines for potential authors.

Ruby Codefest Grant Program announced by Ruby Central, Inc.

Ruby Central, Inc. has announced its first Ruby Codefest Grant Program. This program is designed to provide support for local and regional groups working on development of Ruby libraries. (See full text of the announcement.) You can apply for a grant on behalf of your group.

1.8.2 preview3 released

Matz announced that ruby 1.8.2 preview3 was released (ruby-core:03694).

md5sum is 64478c70a44a48af1a1c256a43e5dc61.

You can download it at:

RSYNC service restart

RSYNC service is restarted. rsync://

Ruby Forum

A link to Ruby Forum was added to Community Alexey Verkhovsky saids, `Ruby Forum is a newly created bulletin board for discussing Ruby. Unlike ruby-talk mailing list, it allows anonymous posting and implements more understandable interface for searching. Intended target audience of this forum is newcomers to Ruby that are not committed enough to subscribe to a 100+ posts/day mailing list.’

Korean translation of

Korean translation of is available. Thanks to Bryan Kang.

Brad Cox to keynote RubyConf 2004

Brad Cox, creator of Objective-C, will deliver the keynote address at this year’s International Ruby Conference (RubyConf 2004). A leading expert on dynamic programming languages, Brad will speak on “The History and Design of Objective-C”. Registration for RubyConf 2004 is still open.

RubyConf 2004 registration now open

Registration for RubyConf 2004 is now open. You can register here. The conference will be held in Chantilly, Virginia, USA, October 1-3. Speakers will be announced soon; check the conference website for updates. RubyConf 2004 is a production of Ruby Central, Inc.

ruby 1.8.2 preview2 released

ruby 1.8.2 preview2 was released.

md5sum is f40dae2bd20fd41d681197f1229f25e0.

You can download it at:

Incident Analysis of the intrusion on

As already reported,, which is one of the servers that provided various services relevant to Ruby evelopment, was cracked by an unauthorized user. We, the administrators, are reporting our analysis of this intrusion and the countermeasures we’ve taken. Read more…

ruby 1.8.2 preview1 released

ruby 1.8.2 preview1 was released.

md5sum is 6cc070a768996f784fc7480d1c61bc85.

You can download it at:

suspended lib/soap4r and lib/csv again

Anonymous CVS repository for csv(lib/csv) and soap4r(lib/soap4r) were once released to public at 2004-07-05 15:30:00 JST(2004-07-05 06:30:00 UTC). But I, the maintainer of these repository, found my checking process of CVS repository was not enough. So I suspended the repositories again. Users who checkout these repositories from 2004-07-05 15:30:00 UTC”>JST to 2004-07-06 16:30:00 UTC”>JST must check your CVS workspace. I’m sorry for the trouble this error caused you. I’ll report again after confirmation of these repositories. csv and soap libraries which are bundled to ruby’s repository(/src/ruby) were confirmed that it is safe.

added lib/soap4r,lib/csv,mod_ruby-old to Anonymous CVS

lib/soap4r, lib/csv, mod_ruby-old were added to the Anonymous CVS repository. Then, eruby was renamed to eruby-old. mod_ruby/eruby are developed on the Subversion repository now.

modules added to the Anonymous CVS repository

These checked modules are added to the Anonymous CVS repository.
  • app
  • lib(except soap4r,csv)
  • eruby
  • oniguruma
  • rough
  • rubicon
  • ruby-parser
  • shim
  • vms

CVSweb service restart

CVSweb service is restarted.

Anonyous CVS service restart

Anonymous CVS service is restarted.

The server accepts any password now:)

Read more…

WWW/FTP service restart

We have finished the validation on WWW/FTP contents, so we restarted WWW/FTP services. Read more…

Notice on mailing list service restart

Sorry for our delayed report on restart operation on mailing list service. We should account current management of the lists orderly. Read more… was cracked

On Fri May 28, we found that someone cracked via CVS. Read more…

RubyConf 2004 pre-registration is open

Pre-registration is open for the Fourth Annual International Ruby Conference, to be held in Reston, VA, USA, October 1-3 2004. You can pre-register, and get more information about the conference, at the RubyConf site Even if you’re new to Ruby, have a look—the conference is designed to be as affordable as possible, and is a good place to learn more about Ruby and meet other Ruby programmers and enthusiasts.

Ruby Track and Tutorials at OSCON

The O’Reilly Open Source Convention, taking place July 26-30 in Portland, OR, will include both a Ruby track and a series of Ruby tutorials. This is the first year the Conference has included a Ruby track.

Ruby Article in Linux Journal

The March issue of Linux Journal has an article by James Britt on manipulating documents using Ruby. Please note that the article has at least one error: James, who, honestly, really does know better, incorrectly attributed REXML. The creator/owner of REXML is Sean Russell.

Ruby-talk Mailing Posting Policy Change

The ruby-talk mailing has changed its posting policy. The list now requires one to be a member before posting a message. This is a change from the previous “anyone may post” policy. If you’ve sent some recent list messages, but have not seen them on the list, check if you’re using an appropriate “from” address, and look for any automated list admin messages coming back.

How to write an RCR

For those interested in submitting a Ruby Change Request, Jim Weirich has written an article on How to write an RCR. Future RCR authors should consider it required reading.

RSS feed started

We just started RSS feed in this site. Check it.

Matz on Craftsmanship is running another segment, (part four) of Bill Venners’ interview with Matz. Matz talks about becoming a better programmer through reading code, learning languages, focusing on fundamentals, being lazy, and considering interfaces.