Ruby 1.6.8 and 1.8.0 preview 1

I just put the 1.6.8 release package on the ftp. 1.6.8 should be the last release in the 1.6.x series. Check out

I also put the first preview of 1.8.0 at

Merry Christmas!

Color scheme of

We webmasters decided to change the red only color scheme of this site following a recommendation in [ruby-talk:59202].

You may see somewhat strange color scheme while our CSS development. Thank you for your kind corporation.

And we also thank people who are discussing about color scheme on ruby-talk.

Toward renewal; trial website offered

We webmasters’ team of have reformed our official site design, so that we can provide natural contents navigation and just-in-time information about Ruby.

Now we can offer a trial for a future official site. Here we are:

And here is Japanese site:

Have a go and look at it.

Our scheme is a double release with ruby 1.6.8; the switchover of the site will be in the end of this year, if no critical problems are found. If you find them, feel free to tell us via this list, or mail directly to the address below.


— webmaster team

“Ruby Hacking Guide” is out though …

RHG A book named “Ruby source code Kanzen Kaisetsu – Ruby Hacking Guide” by Aoki-san is out though it’s written in Japanese…

It’s a must-buy item for Ruby hacker, who can read Japanese. :(

  • Publisher: Impress
  • Author: AOKI, Minero under the editorship of MATSUMOTO, Yukihiro
  • ISBN: 4-8443-1721-0

I tried to translate the table of contents. Bear in mind that it’s an unofficial translation.

RAA XML Interfaces are updated

Following RAA/2.1, RAA XML Interfaces are updated.

RAA.succ!.version #=> 2.1.0

RAA is upgraded.


  • URL was changed. RAA is at now. Former URL is redirected to the new URL.
  • Add new page “All” that lists all RAA entries by alphabetical order.
  • Show number of projects in each major_category or minor category in listing view. We have 753 projects now. Is your stomach full?
  • Add AND/OR search option. RAA search is substring search, not a word search.
  • Project’s “name” field is restricted to match /\A[a-z0-9_-]{2,15}\z/ .
    • RAA users can refer a project with a simple name like “druby”. They don’t have to remember the ID number or a long name like “druby – distributed ruby”.
    • Application owner must specify canonical name(s) of his/her project(s).
    This field is a freezed (static, const) field. For each existing entries, I prepared a canonical name created from former name, Project UNIX Name in sourceforge or filename of its download item. See [ruby-talk:58018] for your entry. Since I created canonical names automatically with a script1, some owners would think that it isn’t a suitable name for their project. So UNTIL THE END OF THIS YEAR owner can change this “name” field of his/her entry.
  • Add new field “short description”. Owners can describe short(63 bytes or shorter) description here. At now, this field is filled with former “name” field. Feel free to change this field anytime.
  • To add an application entry, you must type pass phrase twice. Don’t forget your pass phrase.

[1] canonical name generation tool;

RAA development team:
NAKAMURA, Hiroshi aka NaHi and U.Nakamura aka usa.

Matz’s Slides at 4 conferences

Matz’s Slides at Ruby Conference 2002, OOPSLA2002, LL2 and O+F kansai(Japanese) are available.

Ruby Conference 2002
Slides: OOPSLA 2002
Slides: LL2
Slides: LL2 slides in English to learn Japanese. :)

Ruby Installer For Windows at sourceforge

Now you can get Ruby Installer For Windows from

Excerpted from the site.

This is a "one-click", self-contained installer that
comprises the Ruby language itself, dozens of popular
extensions and packages, a syntax-highlighting editor
and execution environment, and a Windows help file that
contains the full text of the book, "Programming Ruby:
The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide". 

It’s a must item for Ruby users on Win32 box. Check also eban/ruby/binaries/”>eban’s win32 binaries to get Win32 binaries with dozens of popular extensions.

Ruby Conference 2002

(Excerpted from

The second annual Ruby Conference was held in November 2002 in Seattle, WA, USA.

There were about fifteen presentations, as well as a keynote speech by Matz.

Slides of the talks are available at

RAA replaced

We rewrote current RAA which got a little old and rickety.


  • lightweight top page
  • iso8859-1 => UTF-8
  • added simple keyword search
  • show projects by the specified owner

SOAP and XML-RPC interfaces will be updated, too. Users of RAA SOAP and XML-RPC interfaces, please tell me if the problem occurred. I changed wire format a little. See below;

  • id and owner_id element are added to each entry. Those two elements contain positive integer.
  • For SOAP interface users only: element url, download and email are marked as xsd:anyURI type. Those elements will be unmarshalled as a URI object at client side, not a String object.

Except SOAP and XML-RPC we are offering a plain XML or RDF file of RAA information. Those are at and You can also get recent information in RDF format from

Users of pragdave’s XML/RDF feed interfaces should use above for a while. Pragdave’s former interfaces are not updated now because of replacing RAA DB. Bare in mind some changes are made to these interfaces, too. See below;

  • *.xml files are updated in each 15 minutes, not on the fly.
  • Charset encoding scheme was changed from iso-8859-1 to UTF-8.
  • XML instance format is changed for user’s convenience.

Dutch translation of

Dutch translation of is available. Thanks to John Jacobs.

1.6.7 is released

The new stable version 1.6.7 is released.

Report Security Issues

Please send a mail to to report security issues. Reported problems will be published after fixes.

Ruby CVS Repository Guide

The source code of Ruby is stored in CVS repositories. You can walk them around by CVSweb:


Anonymous CVS is also available:

$ cvs -d login
(Logging in to
CVS password: 
$ cvs -z4 -d co ruby

$ cvs -d login
(Logging in to
CVS password: 
$ cvs -z4 -d co doc

$ cvs -d login
(Logging in to
CVS password: 
$ cvs -z4 -d co www

No password is required. Please just press Enter.

In addition, CVSup is also available:


You’ll find “supfiles” here. With them, you can get a part of or a whole repository by means of CVSup.

That’s all, folks! Happy hacking!